Handover Ceremony of Japanese TV Programs


     On 23 July 2019, the Handover Ceremony of 7 Japanese TV Programs, i.e. “the Emperor’s Cook”, “Bloom”, “Jungle Emperor Leo – the Brave Changes the Future”, “Jungle Emperor Leo – the  Movie”, “Scan2Go”, “Eureka Seven” and “Eureka Seven AO”, took place in the Embassy of Japan in Lusaka.


     Since 2008, Japan has continuously provided a total of 19 Japanese TV programs to major TV stations in Zambia, and MUVI TV had received a total of 14 programs including educational programs and dramas from 2010 until March this year. 

     The TV Programs provided this time were “the Emperor’s Cook” based on a true story of a chef who loved his wife and family, and eventually rose to become the Emperor’s Cook, “Bloom”, a drama of a girl who goes to Tokyo to look for her missing father to undergo various experiences, “Jungle Emperor Leo – the Brave Changes the Future” and “Jungle Emperor Leo – the Movie”, anime films of a young white lion Leo, the Jungle Emperor, “Scan2Go”, anime of a future boy aiming to become the number one racer in the universe, and “Eureka Seven” and “Eureka Seven AO”, anime stories of the future human beings.
     At the Handover Ceremony, Ambassador Sobashima mentioned that, as the TV programs had been enjoyed by millions of Japanese people, he hoped that this would also be viewed and enjoyed by as many Zambians as possible. In response, Mr. Seidlitz Nkhonjera, General Manager, MUVI TV, said the station was pleased to receive unparalleled contents, which would help the Zambian masses to understand and appreciate the Japanese culture, and expressed his gratitude to Japan for the continued provision of TV programs.
    It is hoped that these TV programs will deepen understanding of Japan and its culture and arts by Zambians, help broaden the exchange between Zambia and Japan, and further strengthen the friendship between the two countries.
     To read the speech made by Ambassador Sobashima at this event, please click here.