Economic & Development Cooperation


Economic Information

Monthly Macro-Economic Report(until 2022)

The Embassy of Japan provided monthly report on micro-economics of Zambia for those who are interested in economic situation and investment in Zambia until 2022.

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Development Cooperation

1. Development Cooperation Policy


The Government of Japan has set a New Country Development Cooperation Policy for the Republic of Zambia. The basic policy of Japanese ODA is “promoting growth of a diversified and resilient economy freed from overdependence on mining”, and it is focusing on two priority areas which are (1) vitalisation of industries, and (2) improvement of infrastructure and social services to support economic activities.
Download the relevant documents from the following links:
Country Development Cooperation Policy for the Republic of Zambia, June 2018 (PDF)
Rolling Plan for the Republic of Zambia, September 2022 (PDF)

2. Ongoing Development Projects


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Grassroots Project

  The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Programme was first introduced by the Government of Japan in 1989, in order to meet the various socio-economic development and basic humanitarian needs in developing countries.

  The primary objective of this programme is to support various development and human security projects at the grassroots level, proposed by non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), local government bodies, and other non-profit associations active in Zambia. This programme has acquired an excellent reputationas it provides flexible and timely support to various development projects.

  Since the introduction of this programme to Zambia in 1990, close to 200 projects have already been supported. Under this programme, some important social services and facilities such as boreholes and water reticulation systems in communities; training facilities for women; health facilities; classrooms for orphans; shelter for street children, and so on, have been put in place. 



Modern Maternity Annex at Rural Health Centre in Kapiri Mposhi District built
under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Programme

1  Eligibility Criteria
(1) Must be officially registered as one of the following:
   - Local/ international NGO;
   - Local government body;
   - Educational institution; or
   - Medical institution.
   * Individuals and profit-making institutions are not eligible to apply.

(2) Must have at least 2 years of experience in the field of the proposed project
   * GGP cannot fund newly-established organisations, pilot projects and initial start-up costs, etc.

(3) Have the financing ability to cover unexpected costs

(4) Any project geared towards the improved welfare at the grassroots level is considered for funding under the GGP scheme. Particular attention is given to projects engaged in the following areas:
   - Primary education;
   - Primary health care;
   - Poverty relief; and
   - Support for those less privileged, namely orphans, people with disabilities and women.

2 Main Selection Criteria
(1) Priorities of the Government of Japan and Zambia
(2) Feasibility of the project
(3) Follow-up system of the project
(4) Organisational capacity to implement the project
3 Application Guideline and Forms
Applicant can download the full Application Guideline and Application Forms from below. Please read the Guideline carefully before submitting the Application Forms.
  Download         Application Guideline
             Proposal Sheet
             Photo Sheet
4 Deadline of Submissions
Please submit all the required documents electronically or physically to the Embassy of Japan by the deadline.
(1) 1st Cycle
    Deadline of application                         28th February 2024
   Notification of Short-list             31st March 2024
   Final Approval of the Grant          November 2024
(2) 2nd Cycle
   Deadline of application                         31st July 2024
   Notification of Short-list              31st August 2024
   Final Approval of the Grant         February 2025
 *Please note that the unsuccessful application in the 1st cycle will also be considered for the 2nd cycle.

5 Contact
Embassy of Japan
Postal Address: P.O. Box 34190, Lusaka
Physical Address: No. 5218 Haile Selassie Avenue, Lusaka
Tel: 0211 251 555