Visiting Japan


1 Information related to COVID-19

(1) New measures for border enforcement
(2) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
(3) Immigration Services Agency of Japan
(4) Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
(5) The reservation system for the consular service for measures against COVID-19

【Contact information about visiting Japan under COVID-19 conditions】
Foreigner General Inquiry Center)
Tel: +81-3-5796-7112
     --URL (English):  
Information Centers & One-Stop Consultation Centers | Immigration Services Agency of Japan (

2 Instructions for Visa Application

(1) Going to Japan as a tourist
(2) Going to visit in Japan
(3) Going to Japan for business
(4) Going to study in Japan
Supplementary explanatory information about each submit document
※The guidance for visa applicants other than general short-term visas

3 Application forms and the plates of letters of invitation/guarantee are available through the Embassy or can be downloaded from the below.

  -- Visa Application Form (Sample Form)

        →Click Here

  -- Visa Application Form

        →Click Here
        →Click Here(If you have the Certificate of Eligibility (COE))

  -- Letter of Invitation

      *English Version        *writtenpledge
      *Japanese Version     *writtenpledge(Japanese)

  -- Lletter of Guarantee

      *English Version
      *Japanese Version

4 Visa Fee
 --Visa Fee of 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024
 --Visa Fee Exemption for Foreigners Visiting Three Tohoku Prefectures

For more information, please contact to our Consular/Visa Section,

 Embassy of Japan, No. 5218 Haile Selassie Avenue, Lusaka
 0800-1200 hrs. 1400-1600hrs.(Monday-Friday) →See Non Operarion Day
 Tel: 260-211-251555 Fax: 260-211-254425

5 Others
 --Foreign nationals can receive the Certificate of Eligibility(COE) via email!
   →Click Here
   --Safety Information Card
   →Click Here
 --Guidebook on Living and Working in Japan
   →Click Here
 --COVID-19 Mask Use in Community Settings
 →Click Here
 --Visit Japan Web Service for submitting the necessary information online when entering Japan
 →Click Here
 --Travel Insurance
 →Click Here
 --Heat Illness Related Information
 →Click Here
   --Notice of strengthening meat products and plant quarantine measures
    →Click Here
 --Foreign national coexistence policies
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