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1. Study in Japan

Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide:

2. Hokkaido University Africa Office in Lusaka

Since 2014, Hokkaido University has been commissioned by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan) to implement “Study-in-Japan Global Network Project” (former “Coordinator for Study-in-Japan project”). This project is to dispatch Study-in-Japan Coordinators to promote study in Japan based on an All-Japan approach and to develop further activities through Hokkaido University Africa Lusaka Office in collaboration with national agencies in sub-Saharan African Activities.

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3.Japanese Language Programmes

1  Japanese Class at University of Zambia
(a) Registration of Japanese Class at UNZA is Now Open (PDF)
(b) Registration of Japanese Class at UNZA (5-day Beginners’ Couse) is Now Open (PDF)
2  JF Japanese e-Learning Minato
“Minato” - learn Japanese and interact with fellow students around the world online. At Minato our constant goal is to always develop the most inspiring Japanese courses. Let Minato be the place you start your Japanese language and cultural exchange journey.