Exchange of Notes concerning Japan's Cultural Grant Assistance to the Republic of Zambia for “the Project for the Improvement of Equipment for Research, Conservation, Exhibition and Education at the Livingstone Museum” | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

 On April 25, 2023, at the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Mr. Kazuyuki Takeuchi, Ambassador of Japan to Zambia and Mr. Musokotwane, Minister of Finance and National Planning, agreed on the “Project for the Development of Livingstone Museum Research, Preservation, Exhibition and Educational Equipment”. signed an exchange of notes on additional grant aid to The total budget for this project is 89.3 million yen (approximately US$684,000), which will promote the understanding of Zambian culture at the Livingstone Museum, improve the conservation value of the collection, and promote Zambian ethnic integration. and to contribute to tourism.
 This project will provide the Livingstone Museum with projects (exhibitions, symposiums, etc.) to introduce and deepen understanding of the culture of the country, strengthen research activities, and provide equipment necessary for improving the storage and preservation methods of the collection. It is expected that the museum will promote understanding of the country's culture and improve the value and preservation of the collections, thereby contributing to ethnic harmony and tourism in the country.
 To read the speech by Ambassador TAKEUCHI at this ceremony, please click here.