The Handover Ceremony of the Project for Strengthening Management Capacity of the General Hospitals in Lusaka


  On 3rd May 2022, Mr. OMINATO Satoshi, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim at Japanese Embassy, participated in the handover ceremony for “The Project for Strengthening Management Capacity of the Generall Hospitals in Lusaka.” Under this project, JICA is dispatching Japanese experts to five general hospitals in Lusaka to strengthen their management capacity. Based on the advice of the dispatched experts, the project is supplying medical equipment that is in short supply in the hospitals, and vital sign measuring machines and oxygen concentrators had already been provided as part of the Covid-19 emergency assistance. This time, equipment such as anesthesia machines and patient monitors have been provided, with Japanese assistance amounting to 70 million yen (approximately 540,000 US dollars).
“Efforts on the Zambian side will be of paramount significance for the hospitals to be fully operational as General Hospitals. I expect that the Zambian side will maintain these essential machines and devices in good working condition, including by supplying component parts, and provide medicines or other basic supplies that are essential for the hospitals to function as General Hospitals.,” said Mr. Ominato.
   To read the speech by Mr. Ominato at this ceremony, please click here.