Handover Ceremony of the INRIS Equipment


  On 26th April 2022, Mr. OMINATO Satoshi, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim at Japanese Embassy, handed over INRIS (Integrated National Registration Information System) Equipment to the Zambian Government. Japanese support for this project amounts to 925 thousand US dollars. The Government of Japan has been supporting UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and its partner agency UNICEF for the project “Legal Identity for All” to supplement the effort of the Department of National Registration, Citizenship and Passports of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security in rolling out INRIS nationwide. The support includes 116 biometric kits, including Internet connectivity devices and signature pads, for 25 health facilities in selected districts, and three thermography equipment to manage COVID-19 in public spaces as citizens access national ID, and birth and death certificates. This framework also includes the implementation of training in the proper use of the provided equipment for governmental officials. The Government of Japan expects that the Zambian Government will make maximum use of the equipment provided today for effective INRIS building.
  To read the speech by Mr. Ominato at this ceremony, please click here.