Japan’s donation of sanitary materials to school children of the Central province to fight against COVID-19 and SAKE-tasting

          30th September 2020, H.E. Mr. MIZUUCHI Ryuta, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Zambia, ceremonially handed over sanitary materials to Hon. Mr. Sydney Mushanga, Provincial Minister of Central Province which were donated by three Japanese organizations, namely Hokkaido University (Veterinary Medicine Faculty), ROCINANTES (non-profitable organisation engaged in healthcare sector), and TCV Corporation (Japanese used car exporting company), active in Central Province.

          As schools in Zambia reopen in full scale, Japanese stakeholders have contributed to protecting school children from infection of Novel Coronavirus. Originally, Central Provincial Minister Mushanga requested Ambassador Mizuuchi to help the schools in Central Province with enhanced sanitary equipment to protect the school children from Novel Coronavirus as the schools were reopening. H.E. Ambassador Mizuuchi called upon Japanese organizations who engaged in Central Province in various programmes for assistance, which led to the donation of 2,000 Masks, 670 sanitizers and hand soaps, 9 buckets with faucet for hand washing, 9 thermometers, enlightenment posters and enlightenment video movies by the 3 organizations which responded to the call this time.


          Following the handover ceremony, H.E. Ambassador Mizuuchi invited the delegation from Central Province to a sake-tasting event. Sake, or the wine made from rice, is the crème de la crème of the rice production in Japan, symbolizing the importance of having an effective agricultural value chain. The Ambassador stressed in his statement that “rice is not only the staple food of Japanese people. The highest value is added in the traditional brewing process”. Today, Sake has become one of the most highly appreciated alcoholic beverage in the world, as Japanese food or “Washoku” was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Ambassador Mizuuchi expressed his hope that Zambia, in particular Central Province, will be successful in creating its own high value agricultural product in the wake of post-COVID-19 era.


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