2020 National KAIZEN Conference


          On 21st February 2020, H.E. Mr. MIZUUCHI Ryuta, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Zambia, participated the 2020 National KAIZEN Conference, which was officiated by Mr. Mushima Mulenga, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre. Under the theme of “Getting More with Less through Quality Control Circles,” 30 teams from 15 companies and organizations made presentations on their KAIZEN activities.
          In his speech at the opening ceremony, Ambassador MIZUUCHI congratulated 30 teams and in particular three teams which received Gold Award at the International Convention of Quality Control Circles held in Tokyo last September. He also shared the discussion between Mr. Mwitwa, CEO of KAIZEN Institute of Zambia (KiZ) where they agreed challenging the status quo is what is essential in improving the performance of the Zambian industry, and he looks forward to learn innovative KAIZEN methods from the teams. At the same time, Ambassador MIZUUCHI said telecommunication is not a branch that we used to know 5 years ago, with emergence of 5G and AIs, and he is starting to question if KAIZEN alone can remain the guiding principles for the business to survive. He concluded by encouraging the participants to come up with brilliant ideas that not only embody the concept of KAIZEN but are inclusive of adopting to the emerging circumstances.
          The Participants presented the outcomes of their KAIZEN activities on the grounds such as problem analysis, action plan formulation and consideration on effective implementation method. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were given to the teams who demonstrated high performances. The Grand Championship was awarded to Team “Lean Generator” from ZESCO. Furthermore, Msiska Award and Continuity Award were newly created this year. Msiska Award was named after Dr. Roland Msiska, who built the foundation for KAIZEN activities in Zambia during his tenure as the Secretary to the Cabinet and was given to Team “Vivid” from Kanyama Level 1 Hospital for their outstanding KAIZEN activities in the public sector. Continuity Award is for companies and organizations who have been conducting KAIZEN activities for five years and was given to Sakiza Spinning Ltd.
          The Japanese Government, through JICA, has been supporting KAIZEN activities in order to strengthen the competitiveness of industries in Zambia. Through the “National KAIZEN Project Phase II”, Japan has supported strengthening KiZ’s management capacity and the development system for KAIZEN Consultant, provision of KAIZEN consulting services, and dissemination of KAIZEN activities nationwide.
          To read the speech made by Ambassador MIZUUCHI, please click here.