Visit of the Families of JOCVs


     On 10th December 2018, Mr. Hidenobu Sobashima, Ambassador of Japan to Zambia received a number of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs), as well as their family members who were visiting them in Zambia, at his Residence.
     The 7 JOCVs who were present on that occasion are working across the country, in Monze and Choma in Southern Province; Mpika and Chinsali in Muchinga Province, Ndola and Kitwe in Copperbelt Province, and Chibombo in Central Province, in such fields as youth Activities, vegetable growing, computers, and physical education.
     The family members of the JOCVs had visited the places of the JOCV’s activities among others, and experienced the life of the local areas of Zambia. They said they were glad to have visited Zambia to confirm that the JOCVs were working in good health, and to learn that the JOCVs were welcomed by the local people.
     Ambassador Sobashima, having referred to the history of JOCVs in Zambia starting from Judo instructors in 1970, remarked that while many JOCVs face difficulties such as lack of water and electricity, they work sincerely, so that they were much appreciated by the local people, and hoped that they would conclude their mission, successfully and safely.
     As of December 2018, 95 JOCVs are working in Zambia. They are playing the role of a “bridge” between Japan and Zambia in their respective fields at the grassroots level.