Visit of the Families of JOCVs


          On 11th December 2019, Mr. Ryuta Mizuuchi, Ambassador of Japan to Zambia, welcomed 4 members of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) and their family members who were visiting them at his residence.
          The four JOCVs are working at local school and health centres in various parts of Zambia, in Copperbelt Province, Eastern Province and Southern Province.

          The family members of JOCVs shared their stories of what they had seen and felt when they visited various places in Zambia including where the JOCVs work and welcomed by the local communities, together with pictures taken during their visit.

          Ambassador Mizuuchi expressed his appreciation to JOCVs who are working at the forefront of cooperation in various parts of Zambia and explained that the Zambian Government regards highly of their contribution to the local communities. Furthermore, Ambassador Mizuuchi requested the family members to share the hard work of JOCVs despite the difficulties they face, and the importance of Japan’s contribution to the international community.

          As of 2nd December 2019, 81 JOCVs are working in Zambia and playing the role of a “bridge” between Japan and Zambia in various fields at the grassroots level.