Press Tour on Japan’s Development Cooperation in Zambia


Ambassador Sobashima answering in an interview

     The Embassy of Japan hosted a Press Tour in Central Province for the major media in Zambia from 11th September to 13st September 2019, in which 8 journalists from 4 newspapers, 2 TV stations and 1 radio station participated. The tour aims to create the opportunities for the national media to cover development cooperation by Japan and strengthen Japan’s public information activities vis-à-vis the Government officials, intellectuals and people in Zambia at large.

The delegation including the media and the members of the Embassy of Japan visited Kabwe, located about 150km from Lusaka, Kapiri Mposhi, Chibombo and Mkushi Districts in Central Province as well as National Science Center in Lusaka. They received the explanation of the activities and projects concerned and interviewed the stakeholders and beneficiaries, by visiting the sites of the projects of “Enhancing Teacher Professional Growth through the Practice of Lesson Study”, “Project for Improvement of Pedagogical Content Knowledge Linking Pre-Service and In-Service Education”, “Grant Aid for Poverty Reduction Strategy”,  “National KAIZEN Project”, and “Increased Access to Electricity Services Project” and “Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers”.


The 1st Day

On 11th September, at the Embassy of Japan, the officials from the Embassy and JICA Zambia Office briefed the media on the outlines of the on-going projects in Central Province and the projects whose sites would be visited. And then, at National Science Center (NSC), its staff told the delegation about the details of the “Enhancing Teacher Professional Growth through the Practice of Lesson Study” which is aimed to share with African countries as the Third Country Training Program the knowledge and experiences of “Lesson Study” practiced in Japan to enhance abilities of teachers to conduct lessons. In addition, the delegation received the explanation about “Project for Improvement of Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Linking Pre-Service and In-Service Education” contributing to the capacity building of colleges for teachers and teachers themselves and “Grant Aid for Poverty Reduction Strategy” which helps NSC with procurement of teaching materials such as Mobile Science Laboratories (MSLs) and graph boards and construction of training facilities in NSC, and the staff guided the delegation to a workshop where teaching materials were being made and training facilities were under construction.

     In the afternoon, Mr. Hidenobu Sobashima, Ambassador of Japan and his delegation including the media paid a courtesy call to the Hon. Mr. Sydney Mushanga, Minister of Central Province. Ambassador Sobashima briefed the Minister on the Press Tour, and then discussed with the Minister on development cooperation projects and business topics in Central Province. The Minister thanked Japan for its cooperation to Zambia and appealed to the Ambassador to attract more Japanese companies to Central Province for their investment.

          Workshop in NSC where Teaching
          Materials are Made
Touring around Training
Facilities under Construction 
Courtesy Call to Minister of
Central Province

The 2nd Day

In the morning on 12th October, in Mkushi District, the delegation observed a science lesson by Mr. Yoshinori Takahashi, a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, at Mkushi Day Secondary School. Mr. Takahashi is teaching, always keeping in mind that his lessons will become more clear for the pupils by using such tools as illustrations, models and movies, which pupils can learn visually, being more attracted to the science.

            MSLs introduced to Mkushi Day Secondary   Science Lesson by Mr. Takahashi    Mr. Takahashi Interviewed by the Media

     In the afternoon, the delegation we visited Lukanda B Primary School where 622 pupils are studying and its neighbouring house in Kapiri Mposhi which had got access to the electricity through the power distribution network constructed by the ODA Loan Project “Increased Access to Electricity Services Project”. Mr. Robson Hachiboola, the head teacher of the school said that, thanks to the electricity, they were now able to undertake computer and science classes which they had not been able to do before. And he also said even when it got dark, pupils were able to continue to study, and that the school now intended to embark on adult literacy classes in the evening. On the other hand, Mr. Jonathan Simbeye, a relative of the owner of a house which had the electricity, explained the change of life brought by the project, that his family had embarked on a number of businesses which had greatly improved their level of income. He also added the power enabled his family to sell fresh fish and charge their mobile phones at a lower cost.

Then, the delegation visited Lukanga Water & Sewerage Company and heard the explanation about the philosophy and method of KAIZEN which supported enhancement of quality and productivity in both public and private sectors by Mr. Voster Nkukumbani from Kaizen Institute of Zambia. Mr. Yoram W. Sinyangwe, Managing Director, and Ms. Nangoma N. Twaambo, KAIZEN coordinator, elaborated on how KAIZEN was introduced to the company and the impact brought from KAIZEN activities. Mr. Sinyangwe said that KAIZEN had contributed to reduction of losses, for example, by addressing Non Revenue Water. He also said that he was delighted as his employees had benefitted from the kindness of the Government and the people of Japan.

          Mr. Hachiboola Answering
          to the Media
A Beneficiary’s House Connected
        to Power Network
Mr. Sinyangwe Explaining
the Impact of KAIZEN

The 3rd Day

     On 13th September, the delegation visited Kabwe Institute of Technology which had constructed a classroom and a staff room and had procured furniture and car maintenance tools through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP). Ms. Rhoda Simwangala explained about the Institute and how it has benefited from GGP. She thanked Japan for the grant with which the Institute renewed training tools and the facilities leading to high quality lessons. The delegation also met Mr. Sho Ishikawa, a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer there, who is working in the Institute as a PC instructor and interviewed him. Mr. Ishikawa said he taught students the knowledge and skills to use a computer so that they could use it for actual office works in the future and hoped that the students would contribute to the economy and society using what they learned in the Institute.

     Then, the delegation moved to Chibombo Primary School in Chibombo District. There, Mr. Gilbert Pondani, the head teacher, and other teachers guided the delegation in the school’s premises to introduce activities which were aimed to enhance the educational effects. They also explained how Lesson Study was practiced in the school.

          Car Maintenance Tools Procured
          with GGP
      Mr. Ishikawa Interviewed
by the Media
Touring Chibombo Primary School

     This tour resulted in a number of media reports. Two newspapers reported Japan’s development cooperation using the entire page each to cover the tour. It seems that this tour helped the Zambian people deepen their understanding of the Japanese development cooperation, which has been implemented not only around Lusaka but also in rural areas, and has been contributing not only to the economic development of Zambia but also to the improvement of the lives of Zambians.  

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