Car Donation from Japanese Companies to Organization of Japanese Doctor Conducting Mobile Clinic Activities in Zambia




     On Monday, 1st April 2019, at a Toyota Zambia branch in Lusaka city, a ceremony to hand over a vehicle to Organization to support Rural Medicine in Zambia(ORMZ) was held. In the ceremony attended by about 0 people, Mr. Hidenobu Sobashima,Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Kayoko Yamamoto, Deputy Director and Zambia Office Representative, ORMZ, His Royal Highness Chief Chamuka VI, Mr. Martin Chowa, Chisamba District Commissioner, Central Province, Mr. Takuji Tagawa, Company President, Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia, and Mr. Dino Bianchi, Managing Director, Toyota Zambia delivered their respective speeches celebrating this donation.
     ORMZ is an NPO (nonprofit organization) established in 2012 to support the activities of Dr. Kayoko Yamamoto, who conducts mobile clinic activities in Zambia. Dr. Yamamoto and her team of ORMZ are now working for the health of the people in remote areas, conducting mobile clinic activities, in principle on every Wednesday, in Luano and other 3 areas in Chisamba District, Central Province. However, as her car broke down, under severe road conditions, Dr. Yamamoto’s team needed to rent a car to continue the mobile clinic activities.
     Under the circumstances, Toyota Zambia and Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia decided to present ORMZ with a Toyota Land Cruiser as part of their CSR activities.
     Ambassador Sobashima outlined the activities of Dr. Yamamoto and ORMZ, celebrated the donation of the car, introduced that ORMZ welcomed donations from the people who were willing to support its activities, and stated that the embassy of Japan, for its part, too, would like to consider additional possible cooperation.
     Other speakers also appreciated the activities of ORMZ and celebrated the car donation. Dr. Yamamoto thanked the donation and expressed her determination to continue the mobile clinic activities.
Activities of ORMZ are shown on the following website.
To read the speech made by Ambassador Sobashima at this ceremony, please click here.