Launching Ceremony of One-Stop Service Centre at Njelemani Rural Health Centre in Masaiti District, Copperbelt Province


     On November 10th, 2018, the launching ceremony of the One-Stop Service Centre, now equipped with the newly constructed Maternity Ward, Maternity Waiting House, and Youth Centre, among others, took place at Njelemani Rural Health Centre in Masaiti District, Copperbelt Province. The One-Stop Service Centre was constructed as a part of the project for“Promotion of Women’s Health throughout the Life Cycle at One-Stop Service Site in Zambia” (Phase 1). Phase 1 of the project was under way based on a Grant Contract with Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) in January 2018, and the amount of up to 685,167 USD was made available by the Government of Japan as the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects.
     At the ceremony, Mr. Hidenobu Sobashima, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Mike Musonda, Masaiti District Commissioner, His Royal Highness Senior Chief Chiwala, the Hon. Joseph Kabamba, the area Member of Parliament, Mr. Alex Makupe, Copperbelt Provincial Health Director, Ms. Lisa Asamura, Deputy Executive Director of JOICFP, Mr. Michael Bwalya Chimponda, Chairperson of Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia and Mr. Emmanuel Obeng, Representative of Africa Regional Office of International Planned Parenthood Federation, made congratulatory statements.
     Also, as enlightening activities, members of Safe Motherhood Action Groups (SMAG) sang songs and performed a skit that portrayed the safety of child delivery at the centre.
     With the newly constructed Maternity Ward and Youth Centre, among others, the access to medical and health services by the women in the targeted area, including girls and pregnant women, has been significantly improved.
To read the speech by Ambassador Sobashima at this ceremony, please click here.
Through the “Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects” scheme, the Government of Japan provides grant assistance to Japanese NGOs which implement economic and social development projects in developing countries.