Handover Ceremony for the Project for the Construction of a Water Supply System in Mangango, Kaoma District, Western Province


     On 2nd March 2018, Mr. Hidenobu Sobashima, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Zambia, handed over to Village Water Zambia a Water Supply System in Mangango Area, Kaoma District, Western Province. Village Water Zambia installed a Water Supply System produced by a Japanese company Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. with the funds provided by the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project by the Government of Japan. The ceremony was attended by about 150 people including Ambassador Sobashima, Ms. Beatrice Muyambango, Assistant Secretary of Western Province, Mr. Kennedy Liale Mubanga, District Commissioner of Kaoma District, Mr. Abel Manangi, Principal Engineer for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation of Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, the Prime Minister of His Royal Highness Chief Mutondo, Mr. Steven Kayombo, Mangango Ward Councillor, Mr. Mubiana Muyangwa, Provincial Manager of Village Water Zambia and Mr. Ryosuke Nishijima, Group Manager, Clean Water Projecut Group of Yamaha Motor Company Ltd.

     In Mangango Area where only 40% of about 12,000 residents had access to hand pumps, the majority of them depended on the Luena River for the water for their living which compelled many people, particularly women and children, to spend a lot of their time and labor in collecting water and to be susceptible to such diseases as diarrhoea and various infections.

     Under such circumstances, Village Water Zambia requested the Government of Japan to support the construction of a Water Supply System, and the Government of Japan decided to extend up to 197,894 US dollars. Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. which constructed the Water Supply System, trained the villagers for its maintenance as a part of the project.

     With the completion of this project, more than 8,000 people as well as visitors to the area will be able to have access to the clean and safe drinking water and will be released from the heavy burden for collecting water and the risks of water-borne diseases.   

     To read the speech made by Ambassador Sobashima at this ceremony, please click here.