The Embassy of Japan in Zambia hosted “JAPAN DAY 2017” to introduce several examples of Japanese culture at Manda Hill Mall on Tuesday 3rd October 2017.
Tables for Calligraphy, Origami Paper Folding, and Kimono Modeling  were set up to showcase Japanese traditional culture, attracting many Zambians and foreign residents and travelers in Zambia.
The Embassy also offered a selection of Japanese Sake, which is regarded as the fruit of Japanese nature, knowledge and culture, for tasting.
Furthermore, a Japanese artist played the violin there to introduce some pieces of Japanese music.
The many people who visited the JAPAN DAY venue were able to experience Japanese culture by themselves at different exhibition tables, showing an interest in Japanese Sake, which is not familiar in Zambia. As there are only limited occasions available for experiencing Japanese culture in Zambia, such an annual event as JAPAN DAY is expected to promote exchanges and deepen mutual understanding between Japan and Zambia, leading to further development of their friendship.