Ambassador Sobashima visits Prince Takamado School

On 20th January 2017, Ambassador Sobashima visited Prince Takamado School in Bauleni Compound, Lusaka. This school is one of the eight basic schools built by grant assistance from Japan in 1999. This school was opened, on the occasion of the visit from Japan of Prince and Princess Takamado, with the presence of Their Imperial Highnesses as well as H.E. Chiluba, then President of the Republic of Zambia in December 1999. The school was named after the Prince, proposed by the Zambian side.

Currently, approximately 2,850 students receive high quality education at this school from 49 teachers, and the Ambassador saw the students cheerful and active at school. 

           prince             prince2

               The tree presented by Princess Takamado in 2012                                                    Head Teacher’s Office

prince3 prince4

            “Takamado pupuils” choir welcomed the Ambassador                                                         Grade 5 Classroom

prince5 prince6

           Vote of thanks by the student representative (Grade 9)                                                    Group photo with students