Dispatch of Election Observation team by Embassy of Japan in Zambia

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 On August 11, the day of Zambian General Election, many countries, international organizations and NGOs from both domestic and abroad, including the Japanese Embassy, dispatched election monitoring teams respectively.

 Zambia is well- known to the international community as a peaceful country which has never experienced change of government with force and arms like civil wars and coups.

 On the day of the election, we yet again witnessed a peaceful election without any serious incident of political violence. It impressed maturity of democracy in Zambia.

 At the reporting meeting after the elections, election observing missions from abroad, including the African Union, concluded that the Zambian General Election was conducted in a free and fair manner.

 At the presidential election, the 6th president and presidential candidate, H.E. Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, got 50.25% or 1,860,877 of the votes and was re-elected as the next president.

 This is his second victory as Zambian president after the by-election in January 2015. As a result of this democratic election, President Lungu will lead the country for the next five years. We feel it is the expectation of the Zambian people that President Lungu will navigate Zambia for the better.
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           A long queue of voters in Lusaka                      Discussion between a presiding officer and the Embassy’s election observer in Kabwe