Support from the Government of Japan in the Fight Against Cholera

On 6th February 2024, as part of the Government of Japan’s support to Zambia in the fight against cholera, the Government of Japan handed over a number of emergency relief supplies, including thermometers, blood pressure monitors and hygiene items, to the Government of Zambia at the Lusaka Provincial Health Office (LPHO). Dr. Simulyamana A Choonga, Provincial Health Director of LPHO, on behalf of the Zambian Government, received them from Mr. OMINATO Satoshi, Deputy Chief of Mission.
The emergency relief supplies were procured within the framework of the ongoing JICA technical project, "Project for Strengthening Management Capacity of the General Hospitals in Lusaka District" (Cassiopeia Project).
The Government of Japan has continued to provide emergency assistance related to the fight against cholera and the WASH response. The total assistance amounts to approximately 200 million US dollars, including planned future support. Japan is committed to continuing its support to the Government of Zambia in its ongoing fight against cholera.