2023 Foreign Minister’s Commendations

On 16th August, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the recipients of the Foreign Minister’s Commendations for FY 2023, which will be awarded to Prof. Stephen Simukanga, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Zambia (UNZA) (currently Director General of the Higher Education Authority).

Prof. Simukanga forged the basis of the unparalleled fruitful inter-university cooperation between UNZA and Hokkaido University, which continues to this day, and contributed greatly to the promotion of academic exchanges between Japan and Zambia. He also actively supported the expansion of the “Study-in-Japan Global Network Project” to the Sub-Saharan region, and invited motivated students to study in Japan. In addition, Prof. Simukanga supported the opening of Japanese language extension courses at UNZA, as well as the development of Japanese language courses in the Bachelor’s curriculum of UNZA.

To see the announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please click here.