Contribution to Sports Development in Zambia

Japan has been actively engaged in sports from the point of view that sports can significantly contribute to the development of Zambia. Through sports, people can obtain strong mental capabilities and discipline, as well as enthusiasm and enjoyment. Intruduced here are some of the major contributions made by Japan in Zambia so far.

1 Collaboration with National Olympic Committee of Zambia

The Government of Japan provided approximately 120,000 USD to the National Olympic Committee of Zambia in 2012 for construction of sports facilities in OlympiAfrica Center which is lacated in Chipata Compound, Lusaka. The fund was used to construct a fooball field, an athletics field, a tennis court and a netball court for sport enlightenment among children and youths in the sorrounding areas. Now the facilities are called "Yamato Playing Field". Yamato is the name of ancient Japan that means "Unity and Harmony". A lot of children from the compound are enjoying sports activities and programme provided by the National Olympic Committe at this venue.



2 Promoting Judo in Zambia

Japan has been working with the Zambia Judo Association to promote Judo in Zambia. A plenty of Judo equipment including Judo suits, Judo mats, timers and scales was provided by the Government of Japan under the Cultural Grant Aid Programme in 1998, 2002 and 2008. The Embassy of Japan has hosted the Japanese Ambassador's National Judo Tournament every year since 1986.


3 Promoting Karate in Zambia

Karate has its origins in Japan and is now practiced all over the world though it has not been incorparated into the Olympic Games. The Embassy of Japan began to work with the Zambia Karate Federation to promote Karate in Zambia in 2011. In 2012 and 2013, the Embassy of Japan hosted the Japanese Ambassador's National Karate Tounament inviting all Karate groups in Zambia to participate.



4 JICA Volunteers Working for Sports Development

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been dispatching youth volunteers to help with the development of sports. The first volunteer who came to Zambia in 1970 was a Judo expert. Since then, many sports experts in various fields such as football, athletics, basketball, swimming, table tennis and badmington, as well as Judo and Karate have come to Zambia and worked with Zambian players and sports institutions.