Grassroots Project


The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Programme was first introduced by the Government of Japan in 1989, in order to meet the various socio-economic development and basic humanitarian needs in developing countries.

The primary objective of this programme is to support various development and human security projects at the grassroots level, proposed by non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), local government bodies, and other non-profit associations, by providing them with a relatively small amount of funding of not more than 10 million Japanese Yen (approximately 90,000 USD).

In Zambia, this programme was introduced in 1990 and over 171 projects have been supported since its inception. Under this programme, some important social services and facilities such as boreholes and water reticulation systems in communities; training facilities for women; health facilities; classrooms for orphans; shelter for street children, and so on, have been set up.

The programme primarily supports projects that require new or additional facilities, equipment and/or materials.




Modern Maternity Annex at Rural Health Centre in Kapiri Mposhi District built
under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Programme

(1) Must be a recognised and well established NGO, Hospital, School, Clinic, or Local Government body seeking funding to carry out Developmental Projects geared towards grassroots assistance. Particular attention is given to projects focusing on areas such as primary education, primary health care, poverty relief, and support for those less privileged namely orphans, people with disabilities, and women.
(2) NGO/Institution must have good track records of implementing projects successfully.
(3) NGOs/Institutions that have been in existence for more than two (2) years and must have a good financial base.
(4) individuals and profit-making institutions MAY NOT APPLY.

2 The Japanese Embassy in Zambia puts priority on each application, by examining the purpose, cost and expected socio-economic impact of the project.

3 Application Guidelines and Form
  The full Application Guidelines and Application Form can be downloaded below.
  Download Application Guidelines
                       Application Form

4 Deadline of Submissions
  Submissions should be made from August to the end of March of the next year for the first short listing and by the end of July for the second and final
  short listing of the year.
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