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Japanese Ambassador’s Karate Cup


The Embassy of Japan in Zambia hosted the Fifth Japanese Ambassador’s Karate Cup in the Republic of Zambia in association with the Martial Arts Federation Zambia on 22nd and 23rd August at the Multipurpose Center of International School of Lusaka.


The event brought together about 200 Karatekas who competed in the Kata, the Semi-Contact and the Full-Contact categories and demonstrated their highly skilled abilities. Those in attendance included Karatekas from Kyokusin-kan, Shouto-kan, Dento-kan, Gouju-ryu and Asiwara-karate.


The Guest of Honour, Honourable Vincent Mwale, Minister of Youth and Sport, delivered an address at the official ceremony. H.E. Mr. Kiyoshi Koinuma, Ambassador of Japan to Zambia also delivered an address and awarded medals to the finalists. This year, Mr. Hennie Bosman, African Chairman of Kyokushinkan, visited Zambia from South Africa, and he gave instructions in Karate to Zambian youth at the event.


The Embassy also hosted a Reception in honour of the Karate Cup at the Ambassador’s Residence by inviting the Karatekas. At the reception, the Embassy promoted Japanese Sake and many Karatekas sampled a variety of Sake, thereby presenting a good opportunity for expanding the understanding of Japanese culture.


While the number of Karate players is low, currently just over 2,000, it is expected that a mutual understanding will be enhanced the two countries through Karate, and the relationship between Japan and Zambia will continue to be enriched.

To read the speech by H.E. Mr. Kiyoshi Koinuma, Ambassador of Japan to Zambia at this ceremony, please click here.


Final Match

Speech by Shihan Hennie Bosman


Speech by H.E. Mr. Kiyoshi Koinuma

Awarding Ceremony


Reception at the Ambassador’s Residence

Promotion of Japanese Sake