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                  (Not Ribbon-cutting but “Maki sushi-cutting”)


On September 5, the opening ceremony of “Nippon Sushi Mai Catering Ltd”, the first Japanese restaurant in Zambia, was held in Lusaka City, and His Excellency Mr. Kiyoshi KOINUMA, the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Zambia, attended the ceremony.


When it comes to eating fish in Zambia, eating cooked freshwater fish like grilled Tilapia is common, but there are not many opportunities to eat fresh seafood. However, Japanese food, especially sushi is well known, and there are several restaurants in Lusaka which offer sushi rolls like California roll. “Nippon Sushi Mai Catering Ltd” offers sushi made by a Japanese sushi chef with training experience in Japan. You can enjoy sushi at the counter inside the restaurant, watching the chef making sushi, or you can also take away the food. It also offers “Bento” which is a packed meal of Japanese foods.


H. E. Mr. Koinuma mentioned in his speech at the ceremony that the opening of the first Japanese restaurant in Zambia was a great pleasure and he expected many Zambians to have a taste of Japanese food, for it is generally said to be good for health, and thus Japanese food would become more popular. In addition, he stated that he hoped the Japanese restaurant in Lusaka would encourage more Japanese companies to expand their businesses in Zambia.

Please come and taste “Nippon Sushi Mai”.


To see leaflet of “Nippon Sushi Mai Catering Ltd”, check here


        H.E. Ambassador KOINUMA

     making a speech at the restaurant


        An outside appearance of

       Nippon Sushi Mai Catering Ltd


       An example of sushi menu