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 Opening ceremony of KAIZEN Institute of Zambia



 On 19th June, Government of Zambia held the opening ceremony for the KAIZEN Institute of Zambia.


Since 2008, JICA has dispatched senior volunteers and a KAIZEN Expert to assist in the investment promotion project. The KAIZEN Conference has so far been held four times.


In order to enhance domestic industry competitiveness in Zambia, productivity must be improved. The Government of Zambia decided to open the KAIZEN institute of Zambia in order to promote KAIZEN movement in Zambia. Under the initiative of Cabinet Office, KIZ has officially opened under the headship of MCTI


KAIZEN activities are a very important element for strengthening the fundamental part of Zambia’s business and investment environment. Activity of KIZ is not only caters for the private sector who are taking part in KAIZEN activities, but also their activities which will in turn improve the productivity of the public sector.


KIZ should be a key institute for facilitating Zambia’s economic development.

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