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Opening Ceremony of the Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education in Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (SMASE-WECSA) Technical Workshop



On 17th June 2013, His Excellency Mr. Akio Egawa, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Zambia, was invited as a guest, at the opening ceremony of the Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education in Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (SMASE-WECSA) Technical Workshop, which took place in Lusaka between 17th and 21st June. The SMASE-WECSA Association is a Non Profit Organisation found in Kenya in 2001, which aims at strengthening Mathematics and Science Education at the basic level, through activities such as in-service training, pre-service training, research, seminars, joint exercises and exchange of information. The membership of the association currently expanded to 34 countries.


The workshop was attended by around 130 participants from 26 countries, including 18 Anglophone, 6 Francophone and 2 Lusophone countries. The objective of the workshop was to generate deeper understanding of learner-centred teaching and learning among the participating countries through sharing of ideas and experiences based on the Zambian model and other experiences from participating countries.


At the opening ceremony, Honourable Mr. David Mabumba, MP, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia, commended Japan’s assistance, through JICA, for its longstanding positive contribution to the education sector in Zambia. He also emphasised the immeasurable roles teachers play in developing qualified human resources who bear the future of a country, and thus Zambia’s intention to further invest in the field of teacher education across the country.


His Excellency Mr. Akio Egawa, in his speech, commended Zambia’s unrelenting effort in building and strengthening the capacity of the teachers as well as its contribution to the development of the SMASE-WECSA association, while reviewing the history and the achievement of the association over the last 12 years. Further, he touched upon the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) held in Japan in early June, and reaffirmed Japan’s commitment to focus its efforts on developing the teachers in the field of Mathematics and Science. This is based upon the recognition that, in order for Africa to achieve sustainable and equitable development, building the capacity of the youth and creating jobs for them is of utmost importance.


To read the speech by Ambassador Egawa at this ceremony, please click here.