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Exchange Meeting between the Government of the Republic of Zambia and Japanese Companies in Zambia



On August 14, 2013, an Exchange Meeting was held between the Government of the Republic of Zambia and Japanese companies operating in Zambia. This meeting aimed to assist in enhancing the activities of Japanese companies in Zambia by sharing information, ideas, and concerns with the Zambian officials, which would be beneficial to both parties and ultimately to both countries.


Many Japanese Companies in Zambia as well as Zambian officials attended this Meeting. Those from the Japanese side included Toyota Zambia Ltd., JTI leaf Zambia Ltd., Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia Co. Ltd., among others. The Government of the Republic of Zambia was represented by Mr. Stephen Mwansa, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, and several other officials.


Mr. Mwansa welcomed investment from Japanese Companies in Zambia, because Japan’s investment serves as a very important avenue for economic growth and enhancement of industry in Zambia. While stating Zambia‘s high potential for development with respect to the Agriculture, Infrastructure, Mines, Tourism and Manufacturing sectors, Mr. Mwansa expressed Zambia’s intention to improve its investment environment for foreign companies.


Responding to this, the Japanese Companies shared their experiences, challenges and practical comments to the Zambian officials regarding what could be done for improving investment environment in Zambia, from the viewpoint of Japanese companies in Zambia. It is hoped that the meeting served as a good opportunity for both the Japanese Companies and Zambian Officials by promoting Zambia’s understanding on Japanese companies’ activities, and by strengthening links among the participants, thus the two countries.


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