Reception in Commemoration of the Great East Japan Earthquake



On 15th March 2012, the reception in commemoration of the Great East Japan Earthquake was held at the Japanese Ambassador's residence in Lusaka. Japanese Ambassador Akio Egawa delivered a message of appreciation for the solidarity expressed by Zambia, following the damages caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, one of the most powerful earthquake in recorded history, which struck Japan on 11th March last year. He further emphasized that Japan has steadily continued to recover from this disaster. At the reception, a photo exhibition of the earthquake and subsequent reconstruction drew a lot of attention and interest from the guests.

About 260 people gathered for the reception and offered their condolences for the victims of the earthquake. Those in attendance included people from the Government of Zambia, Zambian companies, universities, mass media, sport organizations, Japanese companies and diplomatic and international organizations.

To read Ambasador's speech at the reception, please click here.

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