The First Japanese Ambassador's Karate Cup Held

at Olympic Youth Development Center




The Embassy of Japan in Zambia hosted the first Japanese Ambassador’s Karate Cup in the Republic of Zambia in association with Martial Arts Federation Zambia on 10th and 11th December 2011 at the Olympic Youth Development Center.

The event brought together more than 100 Karatekas who competed in both the Semi-Contact and the Full-Contact categories, demonstrating their highly skilled performances. Those in attendance included Karatekas from Kyokusin-kan, Shouto-kan, Dento-kan, Gouju-ryu and Asiwara-karate.

Mr. Akio Egawa, Ambassador of Japan to Zambia witnessed the finals and celebrated this momentous event with all those present. In Japan Karate has developed in a unique way by taking on the distinctive characteristics of other Japanese martial arts and by pursuing not only physical strength but also mental development.

To read the speech by Ambassador Egawa at this event, please click here.


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