The Society for Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy(SPJD) presents Stationary to Prince TAKAMADO Basic School




On 8th July, 2011, Charge d’Affairs, a.i., of Japan, Mr. Atsushi Kuwabara attended the Handover ceremony of the Stationary for prince Takamado Basic School in Bauleni Compound, Lusaka. This school was built by Japan’s ODA and named in commemoration of the official visit to Zambia by Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Takamado in 1999. Currently, approximately 2500 students including (the open school students) study at the school under the guidance of 45 teachers. The donation was made by the Society for Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy (SPJT) which was established in 1947 and registered as a NPO to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The SPJD donated about 15 large packages of new stationary comprising notebooks, multi-coloured pencils and watercolour materials. More than 300 students and teachers enthusiastically welcomed the donation with beautiful Zambian songs and dances. It is hoped that the school will continue to contribute significantly to the development of human capital for the enhancement of Zambia’s social and economic development.

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